I Sift My Grandfather to Delhi with World class facility by Panchmukhi

 Hi friends I am Tanmay Singh from Ranchi I live here with my family there are five members in my family and grandfather also with us he is a retired professor and father is engineer, we live together and spend our time with him. He is a well educated person so all people respect him and i also respect him. He always teach me about how I can gain the success and also help me to my study so I love him very much but he is facing with heart problem and his treatment is continue from Delhi he always use to go Delhi for treatment all were very peaceful but one day at mid night my Grandfather was crying loudly we go his room and saw that he was in very critical condition because of heart pain. We call the doctor immediately to treat him and looking for an air ambulance because it is very necessary to bring him Delhi and call to Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Service provider to book Air Ambulance Services from Ranchi after that the member of Panchmukhi said that we will provide you the Air Ambulance at morning and really at morning air ambulance was ready to flight. Air Ambulance was full ICU support ad all medical equipment were available in ambulance. It was unbelievable we reach Delhi In a little time duration with the support of all medical assistance.


In other side team of Air Ambulance Services  from Delhi was already reach at airport with the ground ambulance to shift my grandfather from air port to the hospital, the service was so well managed that we don’t think that it may be so well managed, anyway we reach hospital safely. All the member of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance was so polite and care of patient as a family member and their service was amazing  so I would like to thanks all member of Panchmukhi by whom we shift our grandfather from Ranchi to Delhi. Thanks Panchmukhi.


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