Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services from Siliguri to Delhi

Hi, friends I am Tanya Ray, live in Siliguri with my full family. Today I am here to share something about that time when I and my family members were very helpless. First I told you about my family member there are four members in my family, my mother, my father, grandfather and I. My father is a civil engineer posted in Siliguri so we live in Siliguri with him; he is busy all day in his work sometimes he has to go out of Siliguri so I spend my time with my grandfather. I love my grandfather very much. He is well educated and honourable person in my society because of his honesty and helping nature. He always suggests me how to do my work timely and in a proper way. One day when my father was in Delhi for his work suddenly my grandfather got a heart attack in the middle night we can understand what we should to do. We took him to a nearby hospital at night doctor check him out and give medicine but the condition of grandfather has gone very critical. Next morning doctors said to take him to Delhi as soon as possible and my father was already there but I didn’t understand how we took him to Delhi because emergency train ticket was not available at that time and only one option was Air Ambulance. We search about Air ambulance Services from Siliguri in Google we took a lot of contact number and call but some numbers were not available and some were switch off we tried another number which was available. The number was Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services from Delhiking-air13, I told him for an air ambulance immediately. He asked me about the condition of the patient and said don’t worry we are here to help you. The number was Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Pvt. Ltd. They arrange an Air Ambulance for Delhi next day. Air Ambulance was full ICU facility and another hi-tech facility. There was an MD doctor and a medical nurse to take care of the patient. It was unbelievable because we reached the hospital in pointless time and sift him in the hospital. We can save our grandfather with the help of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services. Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services provided Ambulance in the low cost of price and services were very fine. So I want to thanks the team of Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services in Siliguri who help me to save my grandfather. You can also contact them on this no. +91-7250509334, +91-7070569645


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